Koan updates
Koan updates

Product Updates 9.30.21







🛠 Improvements & Fixes

  • We've revamped our team avatars in the sidebar and all teams page, making it more distinguishable and easier to locate and discover teams across the app.

  • We fixed an issue with our recent reimagined reflections release that made it challenging to see prompts without responses.

Product Updates 9.14.21






💬 Improved reflection reading experience

Inline commenting

  • Users can now comment directly beneath individual line items in reflections! Have better discussions with your team in the context of the most important work.
  • When you comment on a reflection, you’ll notice an improvement to our text editor, allowing for basic formatting functionality. Give it a try!

Focus views

  • Users can now view and share a link to individual items within a reflection. Collaborate better with your teammates by linking to the direct item you're discussing.

A new design, and mobile support

  • We've enhanced the reading experience and introduced an improved mobile reading view, making it simple to catch up on the latest happenings on the go.

😍 Express yourself with new emojis

Expanded reactions

  • Gone are the days where you had to pick between a few emojis we pre-selected for you. We’ve expanded our emoji picker from 6 to 3000+ emojis so that users now have inclusive options to customize reactions when reading teammates’ reflections.

🛠️ Improvements & fixes

  • Improved load times when switching between reflections in your team

Product Updates 8.20.21





  • We now show you updated confidence ratings to share recent scores from contributors, even if no key result leads provide a rating.

  • Missed adding a key insight to a previous reflection? We've now unlocked the ability to edit all previous reflections.





  • Reflections are now properly marked as "seen" after a user has viewed them.
  • Customers with email providers who previously restricted access, now have the ability to log into their accounts via magic links.
  • Dates now show correctly on the reflection date picker in Firefox and Safari.

Product Updates 7.20.21





✉️ Introducing magic links

magic-links (2).png

We've added support for magic links, making registration an easy, familiar experience for customers without compromising security. Just enter an email address, click on the magic link, and boom, you're signed up. Logging in works the same way 😉.


  • We've added a new page to make it even easier to log in for users with multiple Koan instances—and for existing users to create new ones.
  • Calling all orgs with longer names: you can now register custom domains when signing up for Koan.
  • You can now return directly to your Koan instance by clicking the "log in" button on koan.co

Product Updates 6.30.21





Simplified reminders for custom schedules

When setting reminders for Reflections, you can now easily configure settings so that notifications occur on the same day of your weekly team meeting. This makes collecting feedback a breeze and ensures that data for your team meeting is always up to date.

Add your pronouns to your Koan profile

Transparency is fundamental to being successful in Koan. To better support this, we've added a new profile field for people's pronouns. For more details, please read our article on Adding pronouns to your Koan profile.





🛠️ Bug fixes and improvements

  • Email and confirmation modals now show the correct day that match your updated schedule

Product Updates 6.9.21


🙌 Microsoft Teams

With the new Microsoft Teams integration, you can:

  • Automate reminders to update progress towards important goals.
  • Stay aligned with teammates & cross-functionally with other teams with Reflection summaries
  • Easily share updates in a tool you use everyday

Product Updates 6.9.21

App-Store-Image-01 (7).png

📅 Custom schedules

With our new custom scheduling, you can:

  • Easily align reflections to your team's weekly or biweekly schedule.

  • Map reflections to your biweekly sprint cycles for built-in retrospectives and learning.

  • Customize schedules for international and non-traditional work weeks.

  • Ensure your reflection schedule works for your whole distributed team with the ability to preview the schedule in a different time zone.

Product Updates 5.11.21





🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

We fixed an issue where some customers could not access features immediately after upgrading from Free to Pro.

Product Update 5.4.21





🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug impacting customers editing a metric in "creation mode" where the metric didn't actually update.
  • Updated language around personal notification settings to explicitly communicate the current functionality to customers and remove text tied to a deprecated feature.
  • Fixed an issue where customers were enabling presentation mode without goals and hitting an error.

Product Update 4.27.21





🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where large numbers weren't collapsing in the table view.
  • Fixed an issue wherein some cases, the publish button was inactive on reflections.