Lead with transparency and clarity with our improved Company Widgets

Your mission, vision, and strategic objectives act as a "north star" for your organization's decisions. Our new and improved widget makes it easy for anyone in your org to gain visibility into your strategy.


We've made it flexible and easy to adapt a structure that makes sense for your org.


Easily invite more team members, design improvements

We've continued to add shortcuts into the app to help you perform basic tasks and functions quicker and easier. Now, on your team page, you'll be able to not only see who is on your team, but also invite more team members with the click of a button. Find the new invitation flow in the upper right corner:


We also made some design improvements in the Reflections to make it clearer which goals you and your team members are rating. We're continuing to improve our design and overall Reflection experience, so keep an eye out for more!

Major updates to team homepage and reflections navigation.

We've rolled out a number of large changes to Koan this week:

New Team Navigation: we're removing both the public and private team home pages to simplify and unify navigating team content. You’ll find new controls in the header to view team members and observers and access additional team information like the description and related teams.


Improved Reflections Experience: as part of the team navigation overhaul, we’re combining the two sub-tabs under Reflections into a single, cohesive experience where you can easily write your Reflection and read other team members’ Reflections in one simple view.


Visual Refresh: you’ll notice a different overall look and feel to the platform, as well as other improvements to how you navigate throughout Koan. We hope these adjustments make it easier to use the product and collaborate with your teams.

Create multiple teams at once and see live feedback on reflections

We've made it easier to create multiple teams at once. Now, when creating a team, you can choose to quickly add another team immediately following:


We're doing more to make it easier to set up teams, so watch this space.

We also improved the reflection reading experience where we'll now show updates to emoji reactions and comments in real-time. Now your team can read and react to each others' reflections without missing any feedback:


More updates to reflections coming very soon!

Other changes

We updated our signup flow to make it easier and clearer to set up your company and first team. We've also doubled down on our design resources, so keep an eye out for more!

Updates to date picker, goal and team creation, and Company Homepage

We shipped some major improvements to Goal creation. We added date presets for quick-entry of due dates.


We also added a save and cancel button to make it easier to navigate the goal creation flow, as well as added an additional shortcut (hit "esc" to exit the goal creation flow).

The team creation flow has changed as well to make it easier to set up a new team without automatically being added into the team. You'll be able to access the team creation from the All Teams page and hit "Add team". From there, decide who the manager for that team is. If you don't have a manager just yet, you can still create the team and maintain admin rights so you can continue setting up that team:


We removed the need to publish the company homepage as well-- your org will see your top level goals, Mission, vision, and any relevant links:


Other Changes

You might notice some different font inside of the app. We've updated our overall font as well as some navigation colors in the goal flyouts. Let us know what you think about it!

Updated sidebar and All Teams page, improvements to historical data

We've continued updating the design of the app to be sleeker and easier to navigate. The new sidebar puts your company home page at the top, as well as rolls out a new section to get resources that will help your team work better on your goals. Access the Help Center and the OKR resource center from the Help & Resources tab:

OKR resource center.gif

We've also streamlined the All Teams page to let you see more teams at once and search for teams to make jumping to their goals faster:

all goals.gif

We've also made it easier to see when a rating was left on a goal by adding the full date to the rating in the goal flyout:


We're still rolling out more updates soon, so keep an eye out!

Historical Objective Confidence Index graphs, table view improvements

We recently rolled out our Confidence Index for Objectives, and now we've added in a graph for how the Objective Confidence Index has changed over time. Click on the Objective Confidence to see more:


We've also fixed an issue with the table view where additional formatting code was showing in the "Latest Update from Lead" column.

More exciting updates are coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Archive users, edit users profiles, and get your overall confidence on objectives

If you need to remove a user entirely from your organization, you can now archive them from inside of your User Management admin settings. Go to "Manage all users in Koan" and remove that user from the three-dots menu on the left:


Just need to make some changes to their profiles? No worries-- admins can update the name, title, location, and bio for any user in their instance. Go to the user's profile and hit edit:


For your goals, we've rolled out our Confidence Index on Objectives. We'll automatically generate a confidence level for each of your Objectives based on its direct Key Results, as well as any downstream Key Results for any linked OKRs. Our Confidence Index algorithm will balance your lead and contributor score, as well as new vs. older ratings. Now you can see how your OKRs are doing overall at a glance.


We'll be rolling out additional Confidence Index features soon, so keep an eye out for more!

In-line Key Result creation, contextual help, and visual refreshes

Continuing our work for making adding goals into Koan easier, we've added in-line creation of Key Results. Now you can get the basic details for your OKRs added all in one fell swoop.


We're continuing to make improvements to the goal creation flow and will have more updates soon.

We've begun adding contextual help inside of the app to aid your team as you get up and running with both Koan and OKRs as a process. Before creating your team's first OKRs, we provide a quick link to best practices.


Our billing page inside of the app has also gotten a makeover for clarity and to make sure we're presenting the best options for your team. Small teams will automatically be added to our starter packaging and can see a breakdown of the different features available.

Finally, we've been continuing to improve our in-app notifications to make it clearer which actions have been completed. More design improvements will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for more!

Easier team invitations, better Check-ins discoverability, and improved insights visualizations

Set up Koan faster with bulk team member invites. Add your whole organization to get your teams set up faster. Org admins can access the bulk invite feature from inside of your "Manage all users" settings:


This also allows you to prevent sending the welcome email. If you need to get your app set up before you let the rest of your organization know to log in, you can uncheck the "Send uses a welcome email" box:


We've also made it easier for your team to connect to Check-ins. Check-ins now appears at the top of the team page, making it faster to connect to Slack and enable daily check-ins.


We've also continued to improve our team insights to better highlight the current period your team is in.