Updated sidebar and All Teams page, improvements to historical data

We've continued updating the design of the app to be sleeker and easier to navigate. The new sidebar puts your company home page at the top, as well as rolls out a new section to get resources that will help your team work better on your goals. Access the Help Center and the OKR resource center from the Help & Resources tab:

OKR resource center.gif

We've also streamlined the All Teams page to let you see more teams at once and search for teams to make jumping to their goals faster:

all goals.gif

We've also made it easier to see when a rating was left on a goal by adding the full date to the rating in the goal flyout:


We're still rolling out more updates soon, so keep an eye out!

Historical Objective Confidence Index graphs, table view improvements

We recently rolled out our Confidence Index for Objectives, and now we've added in a graph for how the Objective Confidence Index has changed over time. Click on the Objective Confidence to see more:


We've also fixed an issue with the table view where additional formatting code was showing in the "Latest Update from Lead" column.

More exciting updates are coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Archive users, edit users profiles, and get your overall confidence on objectives

If you need to remove a user entirely from your organization, you can now archive them from inside of your User Management admin settings. Go to "Manage all users in Koan" and remove that user from the three-dots menu on the left:


Just need to make some changes to their profiles? No worries-- admins can update the name, title, location, and bio for any user in their instance. Go to the user's profile and hit edit:


For your goals, we've rolled out our Confidence Index on Objectives. We'll automatically generate a confidence level for each of your Objectives based on its direct Key Results, as well as any downstream Key Results for any linked OKRs. Our Confidence Index algorithm will balance your lead and contributor score, as well as new vs. older ratings. Now you can see how your OKRs are doing overall at a glance.


We'll be rolling out additional Confidence Index features soon, so keep an eye out for more!

In-line Key Result creation, contextual help, and visual refreshes

Continuing our work for making adding goals into Koan easier, we've added in-line creation of Key Results. Now you can get the basic details for your OKRs added all in one fell swoop.


We're continuing to make improvements to the goal creation flow and will have more updates soon.

We've begun adding contextual help inside of the app to aid your team as you get up and running with both Koan and OKRs as a process. Before creating your team's first OKRs, we provide a quick link to best practices.


Our billing page inside of the app has also gotten a makeover for clarity and to make sure we're presenting the best options for your team. Small teams will automatically be added to our starter packaging and can see a breakdown of the different features available.

Finally, we've been continuing to improve our in-app notifications to make it clearer which actions have been completed. More design improvements will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for more!

Easier team invitations, better Check-ins discoverability, and improved insights visualizations

Set up Koan faster with bulk team member invites. Add your whole organization to get your teams set up faster. Org admins can access the bulk invite feature from inside of your "Manage all users" settings:


This also allows you to prevent sending the welcome email. If you need to get your app set up before you let the rest of your organization know to log in, you can uncheck the "Send uses a welcome email" box:


We've also made it easier for your team to connect to Check-ins. Check-ins now appears at the top of the team page, making it faster to connect to Slack and enable daily check-ins.


We've also continued to improve our team insights to better highlight the current period your team is in.

New Presentation Mode 🖥; improved team insights 📊; better goal creation and close-outs ✅

We're continuing our push to help your remote teams work better together by releasing several new features to facilitate your goal conversations asynchronously and over video.

Presentation Mode automatically generates a slide presentation for your team's OKRs, perfect for sharing over a video call. Find the button to launch the presentation on your team's OKR page:


Click through to see the most recent ratings and comments of your team on your Key Results:


We've also continued to iterate on our team-level insights. Now we'll show your team's overall confidence index based on the ratings of all of your Key Results:


Make sure your team is staying engaged and get a check engine light for your distributed team so you can keep their confidence high.

Finally, we're improving the way that we handle goals. Our new Goal Scorecard makes closing your Key Results more actionable and lets you show your progress for the quarter:


And create your objectives faster with our new goal creation flow. Create your objectives in-line:


We're rolling out in-line Key Result creation soon, as well as more features to give you an overview of your goals' progress. Keep an eye out!

New Daily Check-ins; easily add existing team members to a team

We've tried to make working remotely easier with our new Slack plug-in: Check-ins. Check-ins function as a daily version of our Reflections, where we'll ask, through Slack, what was accomplished, what's planned, and what concerns should the rest of the team be aware of. Keep your team engaged and up to speed quickly and easily. Read more about Check-ins here. Announcing_Check-ins__Keeping_your_remote_employees_engaged___Koan_Blog.png

We've also improved our team member invite process. If you're adding an existing team member, you'll be able to invite them by name as opposed to email address:


We're continuing to put effort into making managing your team easier. Keep an eye out for more coming out soon!

New Confidence Index and native Looker integration

Understanding how your team's goals are going overall is key to making data-driven decisions. Today, we launched the Confidence index to give your team a better idea of how all of your goals are trending together. Find it in your team insights:


We've also rolled out our newest native integration: Looker! Connect your favorite BI tool to any of your goals in Koan. Read more about it here.


Bonus: Did you know that you can sort your KRs by multiple columns? Want to see your KRs both by Objective and also by confidence rating? Hold shift while clicking a column to select multiple columns:


And keep an eye out for more features to help your team run effective goals meetings soon!

New Insights chart 📊 and updated Zapier integration 🔌

We've rolled out new insights charts that your team can use to track the number of goals rated At Risk, Has Issues, or On Track over time:


Make sure that your team is trending in the right direction, or change your strategy/priority to get back on track by clicking the Insights button in your team's OKRs tab:


We've also updated our Zapier integration, so you can more easily set it up from inside of Zapier. Connect Koan to 2,000+ apps with the click of a button and keep your goal metrics up to date automatically:


Better search, faster linking, easier filters 🚀

We've made finding your goals at your company easier with our new goal search. Now, in the search bar in the upper right corner, you can search for goals by their titles:


We've also improved our goal linking. When choosing a parent objective or key result, you'll be able to find the one you need faster.

Use the same table view at every team meeting? Want to make sure that your sort by confidence rating is readily available? Now you can! We've improved our table view so that you can save a direct link to your filters:


We've also added in @ mentions into the goal posts so you can better collaborate with your team:


More goal updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!