Koan updates
Koan updates

Product Update 5.4.21

🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug impacting customers editing a metric in "creation mode" where the metric didn't actually update.
  • Updated language around personal notification settings to explicitly communicate the current functionality to customers and remove text tied to a deprecated feature.
  • Fixed an issue where customers were enabling presentation mode without goals and hitting an error.

Product Update 4.27.21

🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where large numbers weren't collapsing in the table view.
  • Fixed an issue wherein some cases, the publish button was inactive on reflections.

Product Update 4.20.21

🌱 New and improved org onboarding

When getting started with Koan, we want to make sure it's easy for everyone to set goals and begin reflecting on progress. That's why we've rethought our onboarding flow, removing non-essential steps, clearly stating expectations, and communicating the value before inviting your teammates.

We hope this improvement helps you and your team build better habits and work with purpose.


What's new

  • Simplified set up experience that only focuses on what's necessary to create your organization.
  • A brand new first-time team experience, so users know exactly what they need to do to begin setting goals and reflecting on progress.
  • Improved empty states to help get you and your team started with setting your very first objective.

🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where an abandoned team with no members could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where we showed the current team when you are trying to select a parent team.
  • Fixed some typos within our invite flow.

Product Update 4.13.21

🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Under Reflection settings, we now route you to the proper location when clicking the link to change your timezone.
  • Fixed an issue where confidence scores were showing in reverse order in CSV exports.

Product Update 4.5.21

👋 New get started experience

Following our improvements to team creation, we've added a new What's Next screen that provides a quick overview of what to expect.

CleanShot 2021-04-05 at 11.40.42@2x.png

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Clicking on manage team relationships in the About Team modal now route you to the correct location (general settings)
  • Fixed some rare cases where an error is shown for customers with specific permissions settings.

Product Update 3.29.21

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements


  • We've added the ability to create a team directly in the sidebar.

Product Update 3.22.21

➕Simplified team creation

Creating a team in Koan just got a lot easier! We've shipped the first of many improvements to come, making it simple and easy to create teams and add users from the All teams page.

CleanShot 2021-03-22 at 16.20.02@2x.png

🛠 Bug fixes and improvements

  • We now show email addresses for newly invited users who haven't created a profile.
  • We fixed an issue where folks hit an error when configuring Slack.

Product Update 3.15.21

🛠️ Bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated our invite experience for easy, quick access from the team header
  • Our downgrade modals now clarify when your plan will expire and what features are disabled.

CleanShot 2021-03-15 at 11.11.54@2x.png

Product Update - 3.8.21

🛠️ Bug fixes and improvements

  • Updated formatting and visuals of buttons for emails in Microsoft Outlook
  • Updated the language of our toasts to make it clear when invites have been revoked
  • Viewing a cross-team goal from a deleted team now works properly
  • All orgs are now billed or credited properly when adding and removing users from pro tier
  • Updated summary emails to include dates and make it clear that it highlighted Reflections that you've missed

Product Update - 3.4.21

⚙️ Updated member management

On the heels of our last team settings refresh, we've simplified team member management. It's now easier and faster to invite team members, assign their roles and manage permissions within Koan.

Invite some folks, assign them roles, achieve your goals together!