Revamped Search

We've moved our search to the top of the screen, making it accessible no matter where you are in the app.

Screenshot 2019-08-07 10.41.57.png

Other changes:

  • We fixed a bug where OKR stoplight comments would sometimes save incorrectly.
  • We fixed a bug where reflection due dates would sometimes display incorrectly.

Company Goals and Objective Leads

We've added two of our top feature requests: Company Goals and Objective Leads!

Company Goals

With Company Goals, you can now track your company's most important OKRs in a single place. This replaces the previous Curated Goals feature that showed top goals on the company homepage. We've converted all existing curated goals over to company goals so that you don't have to make any adjustments yourselves. For more details, check out our help center article.

Objective Leads

Objectives can now have leads assigned to them, just as Key Results do, allowing more accurate tracking of who's responsible for what in your company.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where cross-team goals would sometimes show up inconsistently in reflections
  • Fixed a bug where reordering Key Results within an Objective would fail
  • Fixed a bug where the same user would appear twice in the OKR Lead/Contributor dropdown
  • Fixed a bug where some users were able to edit other teammates' profile fields
  • Fixed a bug where reflections weren't available for some users

Cross-Team OKRs

We've added the ability to link OKRs to multiple teams, enabling simple cross-team collaboration. When creating an OKR, you'll now see an option to link as many teams as you like. Then sit back and collect confidence data on your most important goals, from everyone working them across the company.

Screenshot 2019-06-06 14.00.13.png

We've built team linking to be completely flexible to how you work. Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Also in this release:

  • We fixed a bug where goal leads would sometimes show up duplicated.
  • We fixed a small typo in our onboarding screen. Sorry about taht!

Bug Fixes

We've fixed a whole slew of bugs this week to keep your Koan experience fresh and fun!

  • Fixed a bug where Key Result rating text in the flyout was missing line breaks
  • Fixed a header layout issue that occurred while viewing reflections
  • Fixed a bug where registration would sometimes fail when using a Gmail address with dots in it
  • Fixed a bug where reflection reminders set for 12 PM would sometimes show up as 12 AM in the team settings. This did not cause reflection reminders to actually go out at 12 AM!

Change Company Name and Logo

We've heard your requests and have added a way for company administrators to change the company name and logo. Head over to the company settings page to give it a whirl!

Additionally, we've rolled out a fresh new design for all of the company settings pages. Administrators can now get to the settings page from the sidebar on the left anytime!

Screenshot 2019-05-14 09.23.56.png

Other changes:

  • We've added the ability to set the Korean Won as your company's currency.
  • We fixed a bug where reaction counts on reflection responses would sometimes show up as double the actual number.
  • We've fixed a bug where users with non-square avatars would have their avatars appear squished in emails.

Manage Company Administrators

We've added the ability to add and remove company administrators. As an administrator, you can go to your settings to find the new Administrators section.

Screenshot 2019-05-08 12.33.27.png

Other changes:

  • We've added a product tour to show you around when you first sign up.
  • We fixed a bug where editing a goal rating on a submitted reflection would sometimes cause the page to automatically reload.
  • We fixed a bug where users added to a team by a company administrator would get in a state where they didn't have a reflection to submit.
  • We fixed a bug where clearing out a response on a Yes/No reflection prompt would sometimes not work.

Improved Sidebar Navigation

  • We've made it easier to navigate between teams by keeping the sidebar open by default. If you prefer to keep it closed, we'll remember your preference across sessions!
  • Key Results no longer have a randomly selected flag color. Instead, click the flag icon while editing a Key Result to select its color.
  • We fixed a bug where reordering objectives in a team would sometimes behave in unexpected ways.

Bug Fixes and Mobile Tweaks

  • We tweaked the header layout on the team goals page, making it even easier to use on mobile.
  • We fixed a bug where objectives would sometimes show up with leads next to them.

More Fluid OKR Layout

Mobile users rejoice! We've redesigned the team OKRs page to handle dense data more fluidly across platforms and screen sizes.

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