Same-Team Objective Linking

We've heard your feedback, and have added the ability to link objectives within the same team! Now when you try to link an objective to a parent, you'll see options from your own team in addition to other teams.

We've also switched customers over to our new pricing model. For most customers, this will result in a smaller monthly bill, and simpler pricing as your team grows. If you have any questions about the new pricing, please contact us at

OKR Flyout Fixes

This week we've made a variety of small fixes and improvements to make your OKR viewing even more efficient. Just a few of the highlights:

  • Clicking on a KR's confidence score in the OKR table view now links directly to the Confidence tab in the KR flyout!
  • Fixed a bug where OKR confidence ratings would sometimes appear off by one when viewing someone's reflection.
  • We've made some under-the-hood changes to make OKR creation and editing faster.

Real-Time OKR Confidence

Now you can update your confidence rating of a Key Result at any time from the "Confidence" tab of the OKR flyout.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 16.35.47.png

Also, all of the reflection responses linked to the Key Result are now available in the "Tagged Items" tab.

Other changes:

  • We've made significant performance improvements to our backend to speed up OKR loading for orgs with a very large number of OKRs.
  • We fixed a bug where we sometimes didn't correctly show a reflection author's name at the top of a reflection page.

A More Useful OKR Flyout

We've released a redesigned OKR flyout, with a tab for seeing all of a key result's confidence ratings over time.

We also fixed a number of issues:

  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to connect their teams to private Slack channels.
  • Fixed a bug where we showed some users that they were on a trial when they weren't (there was no loss in functionality). Whoops!
  • Fixed a bug where adding an objective to the company homepage wasn't working for some users.
  • Added a tooltip to the sidebar to make it easier to differentiate between teams with very long names.
  • Fixed an issue with our billing calculations that caused some users to receive invoices more frequently than they'd like. We'll now only send invoices mid-cycle if your balance exceeds $50.


  • Reflection questions are now more flexible! The built-in progress, priorities and problems questions, as well as the summary section can now all be disabled.
  • Applying goal filters now updates the URL. Bookmark for future use!
  • We refreshed our Slack notifications to be cleaner and tidier.

A New Year and Less Bugs

Much of the Koan team has been battling physical bugs the past couple of weeks (the flu, colds, etc 😷🤒) so we've taken our revenge on the virtual kind:

  • Fixed: Objectives were incorrectly showing as having leads in some places.
  • Fixed: Koan now handles long key result names better, including with a new tool-tip.
  • Fixed: metrics can now be up to 10 digits long for those working with big numbers.
  • Fixed: when linking goals between teams, some goals from other teams were not correctly showing up.
  • Newly created key results now default to individual contributors instead of the whole team to decrease the noise.

Search for Users and Teams

From the All Teams page, now it's easy to search for teams and people.


Org Admin Super-powers

Organization administrators can now easily administer any team from the All Teams page. Yes, it's a bit crazy we didn't support this earlier -- Lisa, this one's for you!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Now visiting /me will redirect to your own profile
  • Fixed: signups using Google SSO were sometimes failing.
  • Fixed: reordering goals by confidence sometimes didn’t work.
  • Fixed: reordering custom questions in reflections sometimes failed.
  • Fixed: long team and goal names now display more elegantly.

New Profile Page

We launched a new version of the profile page with an improved user experience, plus the ability to see the goals that each person leads and contributes to.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We improved goal filtering to show you which filters are applied:

Goal Filters

  • Fixed: archived goals were showing up in a few places they shouldn't!
  • Fixed: a bug that was causing the Notifications settings admin page to fail in some cases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: filtering for "red" status goals included some "yellow" results
  • Fixed: goal linking was not working entirely properly with single-team organizations
  • Fixed: organizations with many goals and the Edge 17 web browser did not mix well. Yeah, that was a weird one!

Key Result Re-ordering

Now managers and team administrators can drag-and-drop re-order Key Results in Objectives. And yes, it's slightly hard to believe even to us that we didn't already support that. Now we do!

We also made big improvements to the goal sidebar/fly-out views to make it easier to see how goals are related.

No published changelogs yet.

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