Koan updates
Koan updates

Major updates to team homepage and reflections navigation.





We've rolled out a number of large changes to Koan this week:

New Team Navigation: we're removing both the public and private team home pages to simplify and unify navigating team content. You’ll find new controls in the header to view team members and observers and access additional team information like the description and related teams.


Improved Reflections Experience: as part of the team navigation overhaul, we’re combining the two sub-tabs under Reflections into a single, cohesive experience where you can easily write your Reflection and read other team members’ Reflections in one simple view.


Visual Refresh: you’ll notice a different overall look and feel to the platform, as well as other improvements to how you navigate throughout Koan. We hope these adjustments make it easier to use the product and collaborate with your teams.