Koan updates
Koan updates

Product Update 4.20.21





🌱 New and improved org onboarding

When getting started with Koan, we want to make sure it's easy for everyone to set goals and begin reflecting on progress. That's why we've rethought our onboarding flow, removing non-essential steps, clearly stating expectations, and communicating the value before inviting your teammates.

We hope this improvement helps you and your team build better habits and work with purpose.


What's new

  • Simplified set up experience that only focuses on what's necessary to create your organization.
  • A brand new first-time team experience, so users know exactly what they need to do to begin setting goals and reflecting on progress.
  • Improved empty states to help get you and your team started with setting your very first objective.

🛠️ Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where an abandoned team with no members could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where we showed the current team when you are trying to select a parent team.
  • Fixed some typos within our invite flow.